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When you step onto the 25-acre campus at Poly Prep, you can feel the difference. At Poly, high standards are set. At Poly, every challenge is welcome and every risk encouraged and supported. Here, differences aren’t merely mentioned but celebrated. Here, we all walk together with one goal:

to be the most extraordinary version of ourselves.

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From the youngest student to the longest serving faculty member, Poly Prep asks the same of all who join its community: bring all of yourself to everything you do. Because the pursuit of excellence isn’t just a phrase, it’s an attitude that enables every student to achieve greatness both here and at every step beyond.

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Where Vibrancy Meets Inquiry

To succeed in tomorrow’s world will require more than just outstanding test scores. Poly Prep’s academic program is singular because it prepares students not only to know the answers but also instills the intellectual curiosity to seek new questions. As diverse as it is rigorous, our curriculum addresses real world issues in every grade and enables students to find their voices in imagining solutions to them. Every classroom is teeming with thoughtful discussion, exploration, and collaboration to expand their intellect and nurture a lasting love of learning.

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Poly People


Beatrice Larkin ’23

“The rigor of the courses keeps us on our toes, which helps us prepare for the future.”

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Diahann Billings Burford ’90, P’20

Diahann Billings Burford ’90, P’20 was the second girl to serve as president of Poly’s Student Government. “Diahann was a force of nature,” recalled Paul Raso, retired science teacher and former Student Government advisor.

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Khari Freeman ’24

“There are so many good people around and there is always someone you can ask for help when you need it.”

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Laura B. Coppola ’95

“The best part of teaching at Poly is building communities and relationships with students and seeing their understanding of art and its transformative power grow. I hope my students use their knowledge of culture and art in a way that empowers them and gives voice to issues they really care about.”


Mason R. ’31

Mason R. ’31 wants to become the best mathematician in his family.

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Nathan Nguyen ’24

“What I like best about Poly cannot be limited down to a single simple word or phrase.”

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Zeke Wise ’24

“The campus is so amazing. I feel like I’m on a real college campus.”

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Ryantony Exuma ’22

“Just like stringing notes together to create music, in French class, Ryantony strings together words, manipulates syntax, and applies grammar to express himself in such a thoughtful and euphonious manner…”

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Nina E. ’32

Nina E. ’32 brightens Lower School everyday with her luminous spirit and irrepressible enthusiasm.

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The Power
of Play

Instilling habits that build strong and positive mental and physical health is at the core of our athletics program. From our state-of-the-art facilities to our Olympian-training Head of Athletics, students have unmatched resources to understand the importance of physical fitness and develop a sense of confidence that can extend into the classroom and, further, into their lives outside the school.

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sports can be practiced and played on Poly’s extensive on-campus facilities.

25 Acres of Wonder
and Inclusion

At Poly Prep, diversity isn’t a buzzword; it’s part of the school’s fabric. Ours is a community that values differences, strives for equity, and embraces inclusion as integral to a well-lived life for all community members. The beautiful natural spaces and modern resources of our campuses complement this mission and provide a welcoming learning environment for all. For those who choose it, the Poly Prep experience lasts a lifetime.

“My favorite part about going to Poly Prep is that I am able to find such an incredible group of people who want to see me succeed and care about my future,”Hallie Stephenson ‘20
“I decided to come to Poly because of its amazing extracurriculars, I'm really interested in theater, visual arts, language, and sports, and Poly offers all of those and more.”MaKiyah Turner-Hicks ‘24

With more than 40 bus routes that cover Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island, Poly is never far from home.

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